Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Lightning Thief Chapter 21

Warm-up Activities: 
                 Journal questions for anticipatory discussion:
a.     Which would rather have – a parent who is distant and doesn’t show much emotion, or a parent who very affectionate and shows a lot of emotion? Why? Could there be disadvantages to both?
I would want a parent that is in the middle and not really the same as one of those things.
b.     Have you ever had the desire to get back at someone? What did they do to you that made you feel this way? Did you in fact take revenge? 
    Every time its a holiday and we go to my aunt's and uncle's house they always bring out all of these baby videos when I was like 3 to 7, and I was not a skinny, skinny kid so they would bring out the videos and show them to all of my cousins and family members between the two families. It makes me mad but I still love them and I laugh too but sometimes I really wish I had videos of them when they were little to show everybody..(;
2. Journal: Prediction. What do you think will happen when Percy brings the lightning bolt to Zeus? If you were writing the next scene, what would it be like?

 To make it more interesting It would probably go like Percy takes the bolt back to him and Zeus will think that he tried to steal it and a whole bunch of chaos and maybe even a war.

As You Read: 
1. When the Los Angeles reporters interview Percy, how does he get back at Gabe?
 He started crying and said Gabe will give free appliances.

2. Why do Percy, Annabeth and Grover split up when they arrive back in New York?

 So that they can go back to Camp Half-Blood and tell Chiron what happened.
3. How does Percy convince the guard at the Empire State Building to let him see Zeus?
 He showed him the metal cylinder, and he let him in.

4. What are some of the things Percy sees on his way through Olympus?

 He saw  giggling wood nymphs who were throwing olives at him, hawkers in the market offered to sell him an ambrosia-on-a-stick and a new shield, and a genuine glitter-weave replica of the Golden Fleece, as seen on Hepheastus-TV.
5. Why Percy start feeling a little sorry for Hades when he sees Zeus’ palace?

 because he go kicked out of that place was kinda unfair, and it would make anybody bitter.
6. Percy says he is glad, in a strange way, that Poseidon is so distant. Why? 

 Because if he'd tried to apologize, or  told me he loved me, or even smiled, it would've felt fake.
7. Does this make sense to you? How does Zeus reward Percy?

 Well not really, anyways Zeus rewards Percy by sparing his life.
8. Who was speaking from the pit? Why do think Zeus doesn’t want to talk about it?

 Poseidon? Maybe because when they talk about it, it reminds him of what happened and that day, who knows maybe he never wanted that to happen or to happen like that.
9.  How do you think Poseidon feels about Percy? How can you tell?

 Good!, in his child, like he could actually clam him and be proud to call him his son.
10. Why doesn’t Percy petrify Gabe when he has the chance? What would you have done?

  He remembered that Gabe had hit his mom.

Follow-up Activities:

  1. Percy’s letter to his dad. Imagine Percy has to write a letter to his father, Poseidon, explaining the choice he made not to petrify Gabe. What would he say? How would he explain his choice? Would he want to tell his father anything else? Any wishes or requests?
 I would tell him to be careful and that he should come back to live with them, maybe even that he misses him. That he is going to get rid of that Gabe, and the last thing is that Percy was going back to Camp Half-Blood.

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