Friday, April 15, 2011

The Lightning Thief Chapter 17

1.How does Annabeth pay for the trip to Los Angeles?

    With the casino debit card, same as a credit card. $infinity..

 2.Annabeth seems worried when they discuss the voice from the pit. Percy thinks she has an idea what it might be. Do you have any guesses?

  I think that it is either Hades or Luke.

3.Who is the spirit in the sea? What does she give to Percy?

   She is aniried spirit of the water she gave him three white pearls.   

4.Why is Annabeth uneasy about the gifts Percy received?

  Because she has now recognized that the person in the dreams was not Hades.

5.According to Percy, how is L.A. different from New York?

   L.A is different from New York because in L.A they have the beaches, carnival rides, palm trees, homeless guys in sand dunes, and surfer dudes waiting for the perfect waves.

6.Why doesn’t Riptide work on the kids who jump Percy in the alley?

Because they must of been 100% mortal.

7.What does Crusty do to his customers?

  Lets them try out a water bed and ends up trying to trap them by tying their feet and hands to the bed with rope.

8.Why can’t Percy simply fight Crusty?

  Because his sword does not work on mortals.

9.How does Percy trick the giant?

 Percy tricks him by saying nice things to him, and he persuades him to lie on a bed called ERGO and the chains trap him.

10.How does Percy find the address for the Underworld?

   He finds it from under Crusty's desk.

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