Friday, May 20, 2011

Civil War Letter

September 26th 1862
Allison Tamez

Dear Family,

I have to fight in this Horrid war, it stinks big time but yes I am still alive.!(: But I have to protect my country, friends, and family. This all started because of slavery, some states didn't want slavery and some did. You just have to remember that we are the land of the freedom, the land of opportunity, and the land of democracy. I don't have that much time because I am in a hiding in a place that is similar to a ditch, so that I could write to you and let you know what is going on.

The guns that we are forced to use take forever to load, and we have to use gun powder, so we need to keep that also on us. You wouldn't imagine haw many people have died while tring to load their gun, its ridiculous.! I try not to load my gun where people can see you, so that I don't get shot while doing that.

Most of the Females are not fighting with us only some of them, but the others work/help as spy's and nurses, so when people get hurt or need rescuing they send them. You don't need to worry about me, I promise I will be fine. I mainly need to be worring about you because I am not with you and I don't know whats going on over where you are as of right now. I miss you all.!<3

Sincerely ; Allison Tamez

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Lightning Thief Compare and Contrast : Allison Tamez

The Lightning Thief Final Blog

I loved the book, it was so good in so many ways, because I have never read a Rick Riordan book before and that makes me wanna go off and read all of the other ones this and next year. I wish that Luke would of punished him, because of the fight in Santa Monica, I would of changed that to where he did punish him. Another thing I would change is about Luke, I kinda wonder what it would be like if Luke didn't betrayal Percy and Camp Half-Blood, but I don't think that it would make since in the end.

The book was different in many ways, just because the book had more things that happened than the movie. Mr.Brunner told Percy that he was the son of Poseidon in the movie and I would change that to like it was in the book, with Annabeth telling him, because it made more since in the book, she didn't tell him at the were beggining when they first arrived at Camp Half-Blood she told him after the Capture the Flag when he got the voice in his head that was saying go to the water. That happened in the movie but he had already been expecting that and knew who it was.

I would mainly change the fact that their is more stuff in the book rather than in the movie, to make it the exact same in the book and movie, I know that the movie would be like forever long but still I think that it is worth it just so you can see the whole book in picture. Even know it would be at least four to five hours I would at least try to make it three and a half or something like that.

If I were to add onto it I would try to stretch the Summer Solstist, just because of the reason that they seem to rush in the movie and I would just like them to have a little more time so that while they're doing the different things each day they can take a little bit of time and not rush through the days, like it's nothing. I would also change the part where Sally has to put up with Gabe while his friends and him are drinking, playing Poker, I wish she would of kicked him out right then in front of him friends and make him look dumb. Then that would of changed the ending a little but he still could of came back for his stuff at the end and get turned into stone by Madusa's head, so I don't think it would of cProxy-Connection: keep-alive
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nged a ton.

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Lightning Thief Chapter 20

Warm-up Activities:

1. Journal questions for anticipatory discussion

 a. How well do you get along with your relatives? If your family held a big reunion party, who would you most look forward to seeing? Who would you not like to see?

I would be most happy to see all of my cousins because we all get along so good eve know some are fifteen, twelve eleven, ten, thirteen, and whatever else we still all get alon really good, but who I would not want to see are some of my aunts, ehh I like them but sometmes they can be such jerks. I just really don't like it when people act like some of them do. (not trying to be mean)

2. Greek weapons and armor. At the beginning of the book, Percy mentions that Mr. Brunner has an awesome collection of ancient armor and weapons. Use the attached handout to discuss Greek armor and weapons. Some questions to discuss:

a. Why is the helm shaped like that?

b. What purpose might the horsehair plume serve in battle?

c. Why does the sword have a leaf-shaped blade?

So that it is more pointed that it would be if it were rounded or squared.

d. What do you think the main weapon would be – the spear or the sword? Why?

The sword, mainly because it seems like he uses it more than he uses the spear.

e. Why are the shields small and round? Why aren’t they bigger?

Because if they were bigger than it would be hard to hold and see while they are fighting.

As You Read:

1. Why does Percy will himself to get soaked in the water?
 He gets himself wet because he thought that if the Cost Gard pulled him up and he was dry... that would be weird, because he isn't wet.

2.Ares says that the most kind of  fight is when relatives fight,Why would this be the most vicious kind of fight?  

Ares says that the most kind of  fight is when relatives fight because " it is the bloodiest kind"

3. Why does Percy begin to suspect that Ares wasn’t acting alone – that he was taking orders from someone?

Percy starts to suspect that Ares wasn’t acting alone when Ares goes it to a trance and the starts talking to himself.

4. Which failures does Ares point to when he says Percy “doesn’t have what it takes”? Is this a fair criticism? Why or why not?

No, because Ares is going to say that to everyone because Ares is the God of War.

5. What deal does Percy make with Ares.

Percy and Ares' deal is... that if Ares wins he can turn Percy into anything and if Percy wins he can take the Helm and the Master Bolt.

6. How does Percy’s ADHD keep him alive in the fight?

Percy's ADHD keeps him alive because Percy feels awake, and can see everyone around him.

7. What strategy does Percy use to beat Ares?

Percy uses his water powers Proxy-Connection: keep-alive
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8. After Percy wounds Ares, something strange happens that makes Ares back off. What is it?

Time slows down and then Ares stops. 

9. Why is important that the Furies witness Percy’s battle?

So that they will not "TRY" to fight Percy.

10. At the end of the chapter, what does Percy decide he must do to complete the quest?
Percy feels he must return the Master Bolt, back to New York.

Follow-up Activity: This is a separate blog entry

1. Journal: Annabeth’s (or Grover’s) Diary. Annabeth and Grover have very different views of the battle with Ares. Annabeth calls it terrifying. Grover thinks it’s cool. Write a diary entry for either Annabeth or Grover, explaining what happened that day on the beach.

The Lightning Thief Chapter 22

  1. Journal questions for anticipatory discussion:
a.     Have you ever betrayed or let down by a friend? Is that person still your friend? If so, how did you make up?
Yes, Dalia and me when she wasn't my friend for like three months because it was her and Andrea. Now we are friends it isn't the same as it was but we are still friends, like we aren't buddy/buddy I would like us to be but were at least friends. We made up because of Avery she told me that Dalia wanted to apologies and she told Dalia that I wanted to apologies, then she was like  miss you and I was like I know I miss you tooo.(:
b.     If someone knew something really bad that was going to happen in your life, and there was nothing you could do about it, would you rather have them tell you or keep it a secret? Why? 
Tell me, because I wanna know I don't want to not know and it's a big suprise. If it is really bad of course I want to know because I could get injured or something, but then I may not wanna know because it may turn out into a good thing so I don't really know it just depends on what thing it is.

1.  What’s the tradition for campers who return from quests? How did the Ares cabin “honor” Percy?
  They wear laurel wreathes to a big feast prepared in there honor, then led a procession down to the bonfire, and they got to bur the burial shrouds our cabins had made for us in our absents.

   2. How does Percy’s mom get enough money to go to college?
      She "made" a statue called The Poker Player.

   3. What happens to Grover in this chapter? Speculate: Will he come back in another book?
Grover gets his searcher's license, and I do think it will come back in another book.

   4. What is the bead for Percy’s first summer?
It is pitch black with a sea-green trident, the bead commemorates the first Son of the Sea God at the camp, and the quest he took into the darkest park of the Underworld to stop war.

   5. Why do you think Percy has so much trouble deciding whether to stay year
round or go to seventh grade? What would you choose?

Because he had the feeling that Chiron wanted him to so that he could get more induvaduial training, but he should really follow his heart and do whats best for him.

  6. What is unique about Backbiter, Luke’s new sword?

It can kill both mortal and non-mortals because one side is bronze and the other side is steel, unlike Percy's sword it can only kill

 7. Why is it dangerous to litter at Camp Half-Blood?
Because the nymphs and the naiads. They'll get even. You'll crawl into bed one night and find your sheets filled with centipedes and mud.

8. Luke says, “Western Civilization is a disease.” What do you think he means by that?

 That he is going to destroy it burn it to the ground, the Western Civilization.

 9. What turned Luke so bitter?

 Kronus, he showed him that Luke's talents are being wasted.

10.How did Annabeth take Percy’s advice?

She took his advice by writing him a letter and Percy suggested her to do that.

(Choose one and this is a separate post) 

1.  Wanted Poster. Now that we know Luke is the betrayer at Camp Half-Blood, design a wanted poster that can be posted around Mount Olympus. You will need to draw a picture of Luke, perhaps in the form of a mug shot. You will also need to include a physical description, a list of the crimes he is wanted for, the location where he was last scene, any special powers or weapons people should look out for, and a reward, if you want to offer one. This should be done using Pages on your MacBook. You will need to save your poster on your desktop and email to me so that I can create an e-zine of everyone's poster. (Like the Patriot/Loyalist activity)
2. Percy’s choice. Write a paragraph defending or attacking Percy’s choice to leave Camp Half-Blood for the school year. Is it wise? Why or why not?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Lightning Thief Chapter 21

Warm-up Activities: 
                 Journal questions for anticipatory discussion:
a.     Which would rather have – a parent who is distant and doesn’t show much emotion, or a parent who very affectionate and shows a lot of emotion? Why? Could there be disadvantages to both?
I would want a parent that is in the middle and not really the same as one of those things.
b.     Have you ever had the desire to get back at someone? What did they do to you that made you feel this way? Did you in fact take revenge? 
    Every time its a holiday and we go to my aunt's and uncle's house they always bring out all of these baby videos when I was like 3 to 7, and I was not a skinny, skinny kid so they would bring out the videos and show them to all of my cousins and family members between the two families. It makes me mad but I still love them and I laugh too but sometimes I really wish I had videos of them when they were little to show everybody..(;
2. Journal: Prediction. What do you think will happen when Percy brings the lightning bolt to Zeus? If you were writing the next scene, what would it be like?

 To make it more interesting It would probably go like Percy takes the bolt back to him and Zeus will think that he tried to steal it and a whole bunch of chaos and maybe even a war.

As You Read: 
1. When the Los Angeles reporters interview Percy, how does he get back at Gabe?
 He started crying and said Gabe will give free appliances.

2. Why do Percy, Annabeth and Grover split up when they arrive back in New York?

 So that they can go back to Camp Half-Blood and tell Chiron what happened.
3. How does Percy convince the guard at the Empire State Building to let him see Zeus?
 He showed him the metal cylinder, and he let him in.

4. What are some of the things Percy sees on his way through Olympus?

 He saw  giggling wood nymphs who were throwing olives at him, hawkers in the market offered to sell him an ambrosia-on-a-stick and a new shield, and a genuine glitter-weave replica of the Golden Fleece, as seen on Hepheastus-TV.
5. Why Percy start feeling a little sorry for Hades when he sees Zeus’ palace?

 because he go kicked out of that place was kinda unfair, and it would make anybody bitter.
6. Percy says he is glad, in a strange way, that Poseidon is so distant. Why? 

 Because if he'd tried to apologize, or  told me he loved me, or even smiled, it would've felt fake.
7. Does this make sense to you? How does Zeus reward Percy?

 Well not really, anyways Zeus rewards Percy by sparing his life.
8. Who was speaking from the pit? Why do think Zeus doesn’t want to talk about it?

 Poseidon? Maybe because when they talk about it, it reminds him of what happened and that day, who knows maybe he never wanted that to happen or to happen like that.
9.  How do you think Poseidon feels about Percy? How can you tell?

 Good!, in his child, like he could actually clam him and be proud to call him his son.
10. Why doesn’t Percy petrify Gabe when he has the chance? What would you have done?

  He remembered that Gabe had hit his mom.

Follow-up Activities:

  1. Percy’s letter to his dad. Imagine Percy has to write a letter to his father, Poseidon, explaining the choice he made not to petrify Gabe. What would he say? How would he explain his choice? Would he want to tell his father anything else? Any wishes or requests?
 I would tell him to be careful and that he should come back to live with them, maybe even that he misses him. That he is going to get rid of that Gabe, and the last thing is that Percy was going back to Camp Half-Blood.